The man is supposed to pay 350,000 euros to social institutions as a suspended condition

The man is supposed to pay 350,000 euros to social institutions as a suspended condition

The trade will also feel the school closings in the staff, said the spokesman. "But we can handle that."

The problems are more dramatic in other areas of commerce beyond daily supplies. Because there are fewer customers in fashion or electronics stores, there are slumps of 30 or even 40 percent, said the spokesman. "That’s dramatic, especially for small businesses."

The government of the Upper Palatinate allows individual otters to be caught and killed. In the districts of Cham, Schwandorf and Tirschenreuth, six animals are to be shot this year, although the predators are under species protection. The nationwide pilot project has been causing a stir for years.

The otter "is a real Bavarian", it says on the homepage of the Federal Nature Conservation (BN). Nevertheless, he was not at home. "For about a hundred years there were hardly any otters here", appreciates Christine Margraf from the BN. Only in recent years has the species spread more in Bavaria – especially in the Bavarian Forest, the Upper Palatinate and Upper Franconia.

A good sign for animal rights activists. Because the otter is considered to be demanding. If he settles down, other animal species and plants will also feel comfortable there. How many otters live in Bavaria is not known. But there is still one "huge distribution gap in the middle of Bavaria", says Margraf. Otters are found in Western and Eastern Europe, but not in large parts of the Free State.

If it is up to the pond owners, there are already far too many. Because the predators eat their ponds empty, around a kilo of fish eats an animal per day. "Until total failure", said Alexander Flierl, chairman of the Upper Palatinate pond cooperative and member of the CSU state parliament. "More and more pond owners are therefore giving up."

And it gets worse and worse when it comes to the figures of the Upper Palatinate government: The damage caused by the otter grew across Bavaria from 280,000 euros in 2016 to around 1.04 million euros in 2018.

The problem has been discussed for a long time. The so-called otter management plan has been in effect in Bavaria since 2013. It is supposed to protect the otter and at the same time keep the pond owners from ruin. So far, the plan provides for advice from special otter experts, technical measures such as fences and compensation.

That is not enough in the back and front, says Flierl. In the Upper Palatinate alone there are 10,000 hectares of pond area. Fencing everything in is far too expensive and technically impossible. Hence the pilot project: By the end of the year, only six otters are to be killed; in the long term, hers should be "Withdrawal" be included in the otter management plan.

"This is not yet a hunting permit, but a first step in that direction"said BN expert Margraf. The hunt for otters has been banned nationwide since 1968, which makes the government’s decision all the more regrettable. "The otters are only just emerging again. If we intervene now, the population will be destroyed again very quickly."

Six years after the salmonella scandal surrounding the Lower Bavarian company Bayern-Ei, the verdict against the company’s former managing director is due to fall on Tuesday (4 p.m.). This was announced by presiding judge Michael Hammer in the morning.

Before that, prosecutors and defense lawyers gave their closing presentations. The public prosecutor demanded a suspended sentence of one year and ten months for fraud in 190 cases and negligent bodily harm in 26 cases as well as an asset levy of 1.6 million euros – the amount of fraud. The man is supposed to pay 350,000 euros to social institutions as a condition of probation.topics for argumentative essay

Defense lawyers for the 49-year-old defendant pleaded for a suspended sentence of one year and six months. The last word of the ex-Bayern-Ei boss was tight: "I join"he said after the defense. Two weeks ago he admitted through his lawyers that he knew about positive salmonella samples in his chicken farms and still sold the eggs.

In the indictment, the prosecutor had also charged the man with a case of bodily harm resulting in death. She moved away from this for lack of evidence.

In view of the unclear developments in connection with the coronavirus, the process is now ending faster than planned. The verdict was actually scheduled for March 26th.

In the opinion of the players’ union VDV, professional training for professional footballers would also bring added value to the respective clubs. "Scientific surveys and our experience show that players who are training in parallel are better able to deal with sporty pressure situations. Because they know that if they fail on the pitch they will not fall into the void", explained VDV managing director Ulf Baranowsky to the German press agency.

"In most of the youth training centers, great importance is attached to the academic development of the talents. In the professional field, on the other hand, only athletic success counts. There were and are even players who want to keep their parallel studies as secret as possible in order not to have to be accused of not being focused enough on football in difficult sporting phases"Baranowsky continued. "From our regular surveys, we know that almost every second professional neither has any professional qualifications nor is in the process of acquiring them."

Defender Sebastian Nachreiner (31) from second division SSV Jahn Regensburg is currently working on his doctoral thesis in law. It’s a rarity in German professional football. In his opinion, the professional clubs could do more to prepare footballers for the time after their careers. "I don’t have an insight into professional football outside of Jahn, but there is still a lot of room for improvement, also from the universities, that you create offers for studying that you can use if you are not so flexible because you want to Example has fixed training times"Said Nachreiner of the German Press Agency. "There is still some catching up to do in Germany when it comes to education. The clubs should definitely attach even more importance to this."

A man was trapped under an overturned forklift truck in Regensburg and was seriously injured. The vehicle fell on the man’s legs, a spokesman for the city’s fire and civil protection agency said on Tuesday evening. How the accident came about was initially unclear. According to the information, a crane was used to recover the forklift.

Regenstauf (dpy / lby) – An overturned burning candle triggered a large-scale fire service in the Upper Palatinate district of Regensburg. According to the police on Thursday, a man had gone to sleep in a family house in Regenstauf and had apparently got hold of the candle. She fell over and set fire to a pile of newspapers. The man who has meanwhile woken up again tried to put out the fire on Wednesday, but he did not succeed. He and three other residents of the house escaped outside. The called fire brigade was able to extinguish the fire quickly. It was therefore only minor damage, it said. As a precautionary measure, two residents of the house who had come off some smoke were taken to a hospital. The man is now being investigated on suspicion of negligent arson.

Former athletics president Clemens Prokop has accused IOC President Thomas Bach of failure in the course of relocating the Olympic Games in Tokyo due to the corona pandemic. "In the end, from my point of view, Thomas Bach proved to be incapable of mastering this crisis", said Prokop, who will be 63 years old on Thursday, in an interview with "Central Bavarian newspaper" (Wednesday).

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and its German President had an introduction to the global debate that led to the postponement of the summer games planned for this summer on Tuesday "Vote of no confidence" experienced by the sports organizers and athletes. "The associations and athletes took the action into their own hands"said Prokop. Under Bach’s leadership, the IOC tried to "to push away the problem with an unbelievable ignorance".

"From my point of view, Thomas Bach has sinned against the interests of the athletes", criticized Prokop: "As long as the date of these Olympic Games was kept, the IOC forced them to continue intensive preparation aimed at Tokyo." The athletes are there "enormous health risks" been exposed. The lawyer from Regensburg was President of the German Athletics Association (DLV) from 2001 to 2017.

According to Prokop, the corona pandemic will be "fundamental" Have consequences for sport, "and most obviously in professional sport". The DLV honorary president also expects "serious challenges" for popular sport. "One will certainly have to think about a state funding program for popular sport"said Prokop.

Second division soccer club SSV Jahn Regensburg also failed to win their second test match within two days against an opponent from the third division. The team of coach Mersad Selimbegovic played 2: 2 (1: 1) at the Würzburger Kickers on Saturday. Max Besuschkow and Chima Okorji each made up for any backlogs from Luca Pfeiffer and Robert Herrmann from Würzburg. On Friday, a Jahn test against FC Ingolstadt ended 1: 1.

Because a young shoplifter was about to be arrested, a group of young people in Regensburg attacked a police civil strife. The 14-year-old had stolen clothes in the low three-digit range in a shop the evening before, according to police reports.

Half an hour after the theft, a civil police officer discovered the suspect in a group of six 15 to 18 year olds. They attacked the officers while trying to arrest the 14-year-old. One officer was injured in the head in the subsequent scuffles between the police officers and the young people. The federal police were called in to reinforce the situation. The thief took the opportunity and fled again, but was arrested a short time later. The injured officer was treated as an outpatient in the hospital.

The 14-year-old is being investigated for shoplifting and his companions for assaulting police officers.

In the process surrounding the Lower Bavarian company Bayern-Ei, the public prosecutor’s office and defense have agreed to a mutual agreement proposal from the court. In the event of a conviction for commercial fraud in 190 cases and negligent bodily harm in 26 cases, the jury chamber promised a suspended sentence of one year and six months to one year and ten months – combined with a monetary condition. Prosecutors had also charged the man with a case of bodily harm resulting in death.

The 49-year-old admitted on Tuesday in front of the regional court in Regensburg through his defense lawyers that he knew about the positive salmonella sample and still sold the eggs. The trial is due to continue on March 17th with the defendant’s pleadings and last words. The verdict is scheduled for March 26th.

The prerequisite for the understanding was that the court shared the opinion of the defense, according to which no connection could be established between the death of an Austrian and the products of Bayern-Ei, said lawyer Ulrich Ziegert. Of the 187 cases originally named in the indictment, 26 cases remained in which a conviction was likely. In addition, the number of fraud allegations was limited from 473 to 190, thus reducing the amount of fraud from 5.1 million to 1.6 million euros.

In the course of the process it became apparent that it is difficult to prove that those affected by Salmonella infection were actually sick as a result of consuming Bayern egg products. "At the suggestion of the Chamber, the procedure was therefore limited to those cases that could be understood more or less completely"said a spokesman.

The presiding judge stated that the authorities knew about the positive sample and had not prevented the delivery of the eggs. Regarding animal welfare violations, he said that at that time there was still no effective means of combating mite infestation in chickens and that the responsibility for the overcrowding of a cage could not be clearly attributed to the defendant. According to his lawyer, the defendant undertook not to keep any animals commercially in Germany.

The SPD consumer protection expert Florian von Brunn criticized the understanding. It is good that the process against the former Bayern Ei boss is coming to an end and that his behavior should be criminalized. But: "I’m not excited about the deal that is being targeted." Von Brunn called it a scandal "that the supervisory authorities were informed without having stopped the extradition and that this now leads to a mild judgment." Von Brunn demanded: "We need a transparent and seamlessly documented product supply chain from manufacture to the consumer." The protection of people must take precedence over profit.

In addition, two witnesses from France testified on Tuesday. One of the two had prepared a chocolate dessert with raw eggs in 2014. After the meal, she, her son, the son of a neighbor – the second witness – and other people became ill.

Grocery retailers in Bavaria are seeing increased demand for long-life food and beverages. The suppliers have already increased their stocks because of this, said a spokesman for the Bavarian Trade Association on Saturday. "We are prepared for increased demand"the spokesman said. So far, there has been no increase in hamster purchases in the area due to concerns about the spread of the corona virus, it said. In individual cases, however, he cannot rule this out.

A look at several grocery stores in the state capital of Munich confirms this. While all the shelves in two shops are full and the employee in one shop speaks of normal demand, in another supermarket several shelves are empty. It never looks like that, said an employee of the dpa on Saturday. There has been an increased demand for canned food such as pasta and fruit since Monday. Because the suppliers could not deliver more than the usual quantity, some shelves were currently empty. Slips of paper were hung on a shelf that made customers aware of the delivery bottlenecks.